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Our VAT expert team comprised of former HMRC and Deloitte VAT Group staff can assist you in avoiding expensive errors and alleviating the anxiety of dealing with the HMRC should you receive a VAT penalty.

“Really impressive stuff” on agreeing with HMRC that a repayment of VAT of over £430,000 was due to our client.”

VAT penalties can arise in a number of situations. Our VAT consultants provide VAT specialist advice that can lead to the withdrawal of a VAT penalty. In some cases it might be possible to appeal a VAT penalty and have it reduced or suspended.

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Unfortunately, businesses can find themselves in a position of conflict with HMRC. VAT disputes can arise in a number of situations and sometimes result in a VAT assessment.  It is usually possibly to dispute VAT assessments by way of a VAT review request to HMRC or a VAT appeal to the Tax Tribunal.

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Because the VAT legislation for land and buildings is particularly complex and has been for a long time, and is likely to continue to be, subject to change.

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Our VAT expertise can provide VAT expert advice to not-for-profit and charity clients over a wide range of activities and help solve VAT queries or problems on their behalf.

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A special VAT Refund Scheme allows DIY house-builders and people converting non-residential buildings into dwellings to reclaim VAT incurred on construction or conversion costs.

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Our team of VAT specialists work with clients throughout the UK in all business sectors, and on occasions with a businesses firm of Accountants.

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“An excellent job” VAT Tribunal report following a hearing where one of our VAT Consultants represented a client and achieved significant savings for the client.”

“Fantastic news” on the favourable resolution of a potential £200,000 VAT assessment plus penalties and interest”

“I’m so pleased with this result, and very grateful for your help in achieving this. It was reassuring and fantastically helpful to have your expert advice throughout this process.” on receiving a £67,000 VAT repayment.”