Specialist VAT Accountants

As a leading firm of UK VAT Accountants we work with clients in all business sectors, and with a businesses firms of Accountants, Tax advisers and firms of Solicitors to provide VAT specialist advice. Our VAT specialists have been instructed to provide VAT expert witness reports by Solicitors in relation to a number of litigation cases.

VAT Accountants

Whether you’re a business owner or a firm of Accountants in need of VAT specialist advice, our VAT experts can help you or your clients reduce the burden of dealing with VAT. We are a team of VAT specialists available to answer your questions and provide you with high-quality VAT services. A number of firms of Accountants have been referring their clients to our specialist VAT Accountants for over 20 years when the need for a specialist firm of VAT Accountants has arisen.

Do you need to register for VAT, or have you received a VAT assessment or VAT penalties? Do you need to maximise VAT reliefs or require advice with a VAT dispute?  If you want to speak to a leading VAT specialist call our VAT advisers on 0161 883 2120 to discuss your issue without obligation.

VAT liability

Establishing the VAT laibailty of any supply of goods or services is crucial to ensure your VAT is correctly declared on your VAT returns.  Is VAT chargable at 20%, 5%, 0% or is the supply exempt from VAT or outside the scope of UK VAT?  Our VAT accounting services can help you with your VAT compliance.

VAT repayments

Our VAT specialist team have secured significant VAT repayments for a wide variety of companies in different sectors such as car dealerships, insurance brokers, finance sector, leisure, importers, exporters, care homes, construction, not for profit, and catering. Each business needs to be considered on its own individual set of circumstances.

VAT litigation and VAT dispute resolution

Many companies encounter HMRC disputes in regard to their VAT position. Our VAT specialists deal with VAT disputes on a regular basis. Our team of VAT specialist accountants have been able to resolve disputes by way of negotiation with HMRC either informally or by way of a formal review.

VAT litigation can often be successfully resolved using Alternative Dispute Resolution (VAT ADR) without the need of a substantive hearing at the VAT Tribunal. Our VAT Accountants guide clients through the whole VAT ADR process which may take place by way of a face to face meeting with HMRC or remotely.

In appropriate circumstances we have been able to agree with HMRC to withdraw or reduce VAT assessments. Similarly it is sometimes possible to have VAT penalties withdrawn, suspended or reduced.  Our team are not only well versed in the VAT law and VAT regulations they are also knowledgable of HMRC’s procedures which we believe is essential in achieving the best outcome possible for our clients.

If need be our VAT specialist accountants can be authorised by clients to then be able to lodge an appeal at the VAT Tribunal on behalf of clients.  Our team of VAT Accountants regularly instruct Counsel. Issues can become detailed requiring contact with HMRC’s Solicitors Office, working on the bundle of documents, drafting applications to the VAT Tribunal, and assisting clients to prepare any necessary witness statements.  Our VAT Accountants are available throughout the process including attendance at any hearing to provide clients with any appropriate help and support.

VAT on land and property

VAT in relation to land and property transactions is a particularly complex area where we would recommende that advice from a VAT Accountant should be sought. We have seen examples when pro-active VAT advice has not been sought which inadevertantly cost either the property developer or the contractor hundrreds of thousands of pounds. Do not be fooled into thinking that VAT is a “simple tax”.

VAT advice in relation to property transactions often requires liason with the clients firm of Solicitors to ensure the correct VAT treatment of any property transaction.

More information relating to VAT on land and property can be found at https://www.solvevat.co.uk/vat-expertise/vat-land-property/

VAT registration cancelled

In certain circumstances HMRC may take drastic action and cancel a businesses VAT registration with little or no warning.  Should you be facing this problem we recommend seeking urgent advice from one of our VAT specialist accountants.

HMRC VAT penalties

An HMRC VAT penalty can be raised as a result of a number of different errors such as late VAT registration and careless VAT errors.  More information is available at https://www.solvevat.co.uk/vat-expertise/vat-fines/

VAT legislation

Being a leading firm of VAT Accountants is not just about understanding the numbers we also understand the VAT legislation and keeping up to date with VAT case precedents from the Courts. Our VAT Accountants have found that HMRC can on occasions incorretly interpret the VAT legislation.

VAT Expert witness reports

The expertise of our VAT Accountants has been recognised by a number of firms of Solicitors. With agreement a VAT Accountant from our firm has been able to produce a VAT expert witness report which if need be would form part of the evidvence at a litigation hearing. In some circumstances the VAT expert witness report produced by the VAT Accountant has resulted in the matter being settled by agreement between the parties without the need of a Court hearing.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)

HMRC are the UK tax authroity responsible for VAT. General enquiries for information from HMRC with regard VAT can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/hm-revenue-customs/contact/vat-enquiries